Investment Projects for the Development of Electricity Infrastructure

Investment Projects for the Development of Electricity Infrastructure


16 September 2021

The Head of Government Askar Mamin has reviewed the status of modernization Almaty thermal electric station with minimized environmental effect. 

Samruk-Kazyna’s CEO Almassadam Satkaliyev reported to the PM on the progress on the implementation of Almaty energy complex modernization. 

Head of Samruk-Kazyna also held a meeting with Samruk-Energy, it had introduced the Almaty energy complex and modernize Thermal Electric Station number 2 with minimized environmental effect. National Company plans to expand Almaty-1 power station for potential 200-250 MW gas unit expansion and to renovate Almaty-3 power station for increasing generation capacity to 450 MW. Beyond the transition to gas, the maneuverable properties of the electricity station can power an entire city and improve the sustainability in Almaty. 

The implementation of these project is to reduce the pollutant concentration in flue gases from 50 400 to 6 700 tons per year and also to increase the electric capacities from 472 MW to 1300 MW. 
The meeting identified the renovation and construction of power lines on implementing the investment project for development power infrastructure. Alatau Zharyk Company has identified the amount of preliminary work for workload construction and installation for the period 2022-2030. There are more than 2500 km.of outdated power lines in Almaty and they don’t meets the technical requirements. The life expectancy 948 km of power lines is over 50 years. 

At the end of 2020 the total length of the power lines 10-6-0.4kV in Alatau Zharyk Companyis is 5 177,7 km., including 4 709,6 km. for Almaty and 468,2  km. for Almaty region.