75% Employees of Samruk-Kazyna Group Have Taken Covid-19 Vaccine

75% Employees of Samruk-Kazyna Group Have Taken Covid-19 Vaccine


15 September 2021

Samruk-Kazyna contributes to vaccination for people of Kazakhstan against Covid 19. On 11 September, 203 583 employees of Samruk-Kazyna Group received one vaccine dose or 74,5% of the total. One hundred eighty-two thousand two hundred seventy-two employees received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, 66,6% of the total. Vaccination is entirely voluntary, and it takes place according to the law, subject to the informed consent of employees. Managing Director for Corporate Governance and Labor Relations of Samruk-Kazyna Mukhtar Mankeyev has made it public today at the briefing. "Portfolio companies are represented in many sectors. Their stable work and smooth running are essential for the Kazakh economy. 

Thus, vaccination of employees together with the protection of the health is becoming a factor in fostering economic stability and well-being of our nation", - noted Mukhtar Mankeyev. The Ministry of Health has supported vaccination in portfolio companies, including mobile teams at the production sites. Every employee has the right to choose vaccines that have been registered for use in Kazakhstan.

Operative staff against COVID-19 works to develop new approaches in the struggle against coronavirus and provide incentives to increase vaccine coverage. "As had been mandated by the country's leadership for vaccination, Samruk-Kazyna with more than 270 000 employees had participated actively for achieving herd immunity. Information campaigns in social media, corporate newspapers, industry newspapers, and video take place ongoing. Challenge #igotvaccine has been accepted. The CEOs of Samruk-Kazyna Group demonstrated their COVID-19 vaccination," – said Mukhtar Mankeyev. 

As part of the execution of the president's order to support vaccination campaigns, Fund financed the acquisition of one million doses of Hayat-Vax vaccine produced in the UAE. To increase the vaccine coverage, Samruk-Kazyna Group envisages measures of stimulating employees such as other paid leaves, paid days off, awarding prizes to employees, vaccinated, and others—the involvement of psychologists, meetings with community leaders, lunch boxes. And so on are regularly reviewed as new incentives to increase vaccine coverage.