Sovereign Wealth Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC

Strategy and Mission


Enhancing national welfare of the Republic of Kazakhstan and providing long-term sustainability for future generations


An investment holding that provides strong financial performance, investment returns and portfolio development on par with leading sovereign wealth funds

  • Strategic goal No. 1: Efficiency of Companies

    One of the key objectives and mandates of the Fund is effective management of portfolio companies through aligning performance indicators with those of the world's leading peer-companies in operation, production, financial performance, commercial activities and income increase from invested capital. Strengthening financial sustainability, increasing operational performance and impoving the efficiency of industrial assets use, as well as implementation of the Transformation Program will become top priorities for achieving this strategic goal.

  • Strategic goal No. 2: Portfolio Management

    For the purpose of the effective portfolio management, the Fund plans to optimize and restructure the current asset portfolio and investments projects, to provide the diversification through reinvestment of the funds at the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and, on a long-term perspective, at the foreign markets.

    Active participation in the Privatization Program initiated by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan will allow the portfolio companies to reduce public sector participation in the economy of Kazakhstan, stimulate the development of stock markets of the country, strengthen corporate governance and develop private capital.

  • Strategic goal No. 3: Sustainable development

    One of the key objectives of the Fund is to ensure that its activities as well as activities of the portfolio companies correspond with the principles of sustainable development, and cohere its economic, environmental and social goals for sustainable development and creation of economic value in the long term perspective.

    The Fund plans to continue the work on achieving a high level of corporate governance and sustainable development, improve the level of corporate governance at the Fund and portfolio companies, build up talent pool and provide the adoption of the basic meritocracy principles during the implementation of new behaviour models for "commercial" mindset and readiness for change.

    Re-direction of the sponsor means of the Fund for the needs of communities is defined within the framework of new strategy, as well as implementation of the sustainable development initiatives. The Fund will ensure the commitment to the "green" economy principles and will carry out activities and indicators of the Concept regarding the transfer of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the "green economy".

Strategic initiatives

Improvement of companies` profitability
Improving the profitability of portfolio companies is one of the Fund's primary objectives. It is planned to provide a number of measures to strengthen financial stability and increase companies' operational efficiency, optimize and re-engineer business processes, and ensure synergy among portfolio companies of the Fund and enhance their investment attractiveness.
Optimization of portfolio structure
Optimization of portfolio structure is an important step in the transition process of the Fund to the active investment portfolio management. Restructure of the current portfolio of Fund's assets, revision of investment projects, reduction in the number of legal entities and management levels, and the Fund`s exiting from non-strategic assets, will enable the Fund to reallocate its resources efficiently in order to increase the value of the portfolio and its profitability.
Income diversification
Active asset management will allow the Fund to increase the portfolio return and ensure its diversification in various sectors giving the priority to assets and projects with a potential multiplier effect for the economy of Kazakhstan and high return rate.

Investments within the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Fund makes investments within the country in order to develop various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan and projects of strategic importance (in accordance with key state programs), taking into account restrictions established by "yellow pages" principles and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and non-hindering the development of the private sector.

Investments outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the medium and long term perspective the Development Strategy of the Fund foresees distribution of investments outside the Republic of Kazakhstan not related to the national economy and industry, with the purpose of increasing the return and keeping wealth through diversification. The Fund will be create partnerships with leading sovereign funds and other investment companies and funds to make joint direct investments that will finally be strategically linked to the industries of Kazakhstan.
Corporate governance and
sustainable development
Sustainable development initiatives, corporate governance and corporate culture are keystones of sustainable development and critical factors affecting the portfolio value.

Corporate governance

In order to ensure efficient management of assets, increase investment attractiveness and successfully fulfill the function of an active investor, the Fund needs to continue introducing best practices of corporate governance in the Fund and portfolio companies in accordance with the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on corporate governance.

Human capital development

The use of the best HR development practices will be achieved through formation of an effective corporate culture at the Fund and portfolio companies, introduction of key principles of meritocracy, transformation of people and introduction of new behaviors of employees for "commercial" thinking and readiness for change.

Sponsorship and social responsiveness

The Fund will continue its activity in providing sponsorship and charity support. Allocation of aid should be reviewed and prioritized based on the needs of society. Relying on the best practices, the Fund will finance social projects in health, education, professional development of youth and community development, projects in the field of environmental protection, art and cultural heritage and knowledge, as well as research, innovation, science and technology, and projects aimed at supporting disadvantaged groups.

Sustainable development initiatives

In order to manage the economic, environmental and social aspects of the activity efficiently and successfully, the Fund will be introducing high ethical standards and build a trust-based corporate culture, will be introducing advanced standards and improve corporate governance, and will invest in human capital and take all measures to ensure environmental sustainability.

The New Corporate Governance Code adopted in 2015
that should contribute to the process of Fund’s transformation
to a strategic holding that manages its Portfolio companies
through efficient Boards of Directors.

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Corporate Governance Code

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